The smart solution for property maintenance

Whether you manage one rental property or a much larger portfolio, Fiixit is here for you.

Create an account today for a free trial and begin to experience streamlined repair and compliance management. Fiixit enables landlords, tradespeople and tenants to navigate their responsibilities with clarity and control.

Stay on top of repairs

Fiixit makes it easy to track the status of every repair job, ensuring you're always in control.

Stay informed

Fiixit fosters clear communication among landlords, tenants, and tradespeople, ensuring everyone is kept informed.

Stay compliant

Fiixit will help you plan maintenance requirements, ensuring your properties meet safety standards.


Unhappy tenants

Recent studies have shown that 2 out of 3 tenants are unhappy about repairs which take over a month on average to get resolved.

Save money

Reduce time spent, take control and get clear visibility of your repairs


Landlord reputation

The majority of tenants are influenced by landlord reputation.

Benefits of the Fiixit platform

With Fiixit, you're not just managing repairs; you're transforming the way you connect with tenants and tradespeople. Create an account today to experience a new approach to property repair and maintenance management.

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Repair tracking

Follow progress through history - no more guessing who said what!

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Trade database

Select your own tradesperson or access a nationwide trusted source.

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Clear communication

Need to discuss a repair? Keep all that chat linked to the ticket.

Keeping life simple

We’ve designed Fiixit to simplify the repair management process for landlords and tenants.

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    Raise a repair ticket Fridge broken? Boiler not working? Using our simple but intuitive repairs reporting software, with a few clicks, tenants can create a Fiixit ticket that clearly reports a repair or maintenance issue. Add photos, no problem! It’s that simple!
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    Select a tradesperson Landlord can choose whether to handle the repair personally or assign the job to a trusted tradesperson. With a few clicks, the job details are swiftly sent. How easy is that!
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    Book in the job A date and time for the job is then agreed, booking the job in Fiixit to notify everyone, and updating their Fiixit calendars. How organised is that!
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    Track progress Every action taken on a ticket is recorded in all the landlord, tenants and tradespersons activity feed and dashboard. Also, with additional comments and history sections of the ticket there is no more who said what moments. How transparent is that!
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Manage your portfolio with your interactive dashboard

Whether its 1 or 100 properties, from any device, manage your repairs and compliance with an interactive dashboard providing you a complete portfolio status and an activity feed to ensure you don’t miss out on any updates taking place on your jobs. Slice and dice your data to give you instant management information about your property portfolio. Take one action and drive multiple outcomes. That’s our version of smart!

Fiixit Features - One all-inclusive package

Free Tenant and Tradesperson access

Portfolio Dashboard

Real time job activity feed

End to End repair management

Streamlined technology notifications

Compliance monitoring and alerts

Simplified tenant communications

Scheduling advisor

Tradesperson public database

Maintenance manager

Pricing to match
your growing
property portfolio

Number of properties Up to 9 £2.50 per property/month
Additional properties 10+ £0.70 per property/month
No of users Unlimited
Repair tickets per month Unlimited

You can create an account today and discover how effortless property repair management can be. Upload your properties absolutely free, raise up to 10 tickets, and experience the simplicity of Fiixit firsthand.

No minimum number of properties or minimum monthly charge required. Get started with as little as 1 property!

Prices exclude VAT. Fiixit is designed to be easily accessible, but we would welcome discussing any set up and integration requirements you may need to support you coming on board.

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Simply create an account

If you’re a landlord, tenant or a tradesperson, it’s easy to get started.

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Free trial

Why not give it a try? All landlords get the first 10 repair tickets free.

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Platform support

Not a techy? We’ve got a great team to help you get the best out of Fiixit.

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As an early adopter, you’ll have access to all of the benefits and features of the Fiixit app before general release.

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With the development of the Fiixit app, we’re looking to create real value for landlords by helping them to nurture positive relationships with tenants and remove some of the day-to-day headaches that come with property management.

Taj Sohal Experienced Landlord and Fiixit Founder.


Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most by landlords interested in using Fiixit. Want to know more? Get in touch.

How do I create an account?

Sign up is a simple process. Just click on the Sign in button on the home page and get started. No card details required. We just want you to get started, so you and your tenants can experience the benefits.

Is it really free to get started?

At Fiixit, we are passionate about making independent landlords and property agents build that strong trusting relationship with their tenants. Landlords and property agents have a free allocation of 10 tickets so they can give Fiixit a go and experience the benefits before committing to any monthly subscription fees. All tenants (subject to their landlord or property agent being a user) and tradespeople can create an account for free. There is no charge to join. We welcome you joining and spreading the news to your friends and colleagues.

Is my data secure?

Fiixit take data privacy and security seriously and will be GDPR compliant.

I’m already managing my properties ok. Why should I consider using Fiixit?

You might be managing your properties just fine without Fiixit. But...

Are you tired of juggling notifications from various channels like phone calls, texts, WhatsApp, and emails, only to spend ages searching for that one crucial note?

Do you find yourself wasting valuable time finding the right person for the job, establishing which property needs attention and then explaining or forwarding emails to get things done?

Do you occasionally overlook repairs or health and safety requirements?

If any of this resonates with you, then picture using Fiixit, where:
  • tenants report repairs clearly through the app, complete with photos.
  • you can select the appropriate tradesperson in under 15 seconds.
  • schedule the job in Fiixit to make sure everyone knows what is happening and when.
  • repairs are promptly completed, resulting in happy tenants and a satisfied landlord.
  • your dashboard puts you in control with every activity and job logged.

With Fiixit, you can maintain your properties at a high standard, bolstering your reputation as a landlord.

Being a great landlord just got easier and more enjoyable!